First Visit

Your first visit to the office will start with some short paperwork so that the doctor is aware of your concerns and any pertinent health information. You may also like to download our office forms to complete ahead of time at your leisure. From there you will be given some brief literature to review to inform you exactly what the doctor will be doing. You will then be given a tour of the facility by one of our friendly staff members as you are escorted back to the consultation room.

During your consultation, your doctor will review with you your past history and current health. If we believe we can help you, then with your permission, the doctor will perform a complete exam which includes:

Postural Evaluation

We use bilateral weight scales and precise posture grids to see what type of alignment your body is in. Deviations will put extra stress in certain areas of your spine. All of these will be explained by your doctor.


Nerve Scans

At Core, we have invested in the latest computerized technologies to pinpoint exactly what problems exist in your spine and nervous system. This is a highly-specific examination tool that is NASA certified. It includes a Surface EMG study, which measures nervous system function similar to the way an EKG measures heart function. The rolling thermal scan also gives us precise details about your spine and nerves. These scans will be done periodically throughout your treatment to make sure improvements are seen.


X-Rays (if necessary)

X-Rays give your doctor an in-depth look at your structure and allows for further assessment of the amount of damage, how long it has been there, and long it will take to correct. Your films will be explained in detail to you by your doctor. For patients receiving corrective care, x-rays will be taken again at the conclusion of care. At CORE, we are all about results you can see and feel!

After the exam, the doctor will schedule a follow-up visit as soon as possible. During your second visit, your doctor will spend detailed time reviewing your exam findings as well as going over a customized care program designed to help you reach your health goals. At that time, we will also cover any costs associated with your care and any insurance questions you may have. You will then begin your care and journey towards exceptional health!